Packaging handling BarcelonaHandling and packaging: What you should know

The Handling and packaging They are fundamental for any company engaged in the marketing of products, regardless of the type of product that is to be sent, as it is very important in order to achieve the greatest satisfaction of the end customer, who should always receive products on the market been possible in the shortest time possible.

Packaging refers to everything that refers to the adjustment of products, including all handling and protection. Given that the content of the packages is most important, It is essential to carry out adequate protection packages, so that you can reach the consumer in perfect condition, which also results in fewer returns and claims, which in turn reduces the losses caused to the company.

regulations and established insurance policy transport companies must take into account, must always go the packed goods in a manner suitable for that in case of breakage or some kind of stroke to occur, Yes insurance covers damages that have caused.

Handling and packaging: Packaging functions

When talking about Handling and packaging You must be aware of the functions that have the latter when carrying out a transport of a product:

  • Maintenance and preservation of the products while carrying out their transfer from one place to another, from the warehouse to arrival at the final customer.
  • The packaging provides information about the different qualities of the goods, and recipients, so that the chances that may be damaged or misplacing can be reached are reduced.
  • Packaging helps when to distribute and transport the different materials and packages a company.
  • The use of proper packaging helps in strengthening the brand image of a company, especially if you opt for containers and boxes attractively designed, so you can generate a good reputation among your customers.

You must be clear that packaging is very different from the package. While the packaging is the procedure to transport products more safely, the packaging is the container in which the product is placed in question to protect and improve their presentation, the latter being primarily intended for marketing strategies.

Types of packaging

Depending on each company can choose to correct Handling and packaging appropriate to their business, must differentiate between different types of packaging, which can be classified according to different aspects, which they are as follows:


Depending on the business strategies we can distinguish the following types:

  • Iguales: These are those used for all products belonging to the same line, so that all customers can quickly identify a product as immediately associate that kind of packaging to a particular company.
  • reusable: Those packages that are designed so that once the user finishes with the product that will be used inside the container or box for other purposes.
  • multiple: Are those offered in several units that are identical and are available at a lower cost that is purchased separately.

Merchandise transported

Depending on the goods transported there are three different categories with respect to the structure of the packaging, must distinguish between:

  • Primary: It is the one that will contact a direct Article.
  • Secondary: This type of packaging material which in turn contain one or more primary packages.
  • Tertiary: Here it is responsible for unifying the above in a container to be protected at the time of distribution and transport.


Depending on the type of the article in question will be necessary to use a particular packaging material, can be found mainly the following:

  • He paper packaging It is mainly used to coat wrappers, these can be either in cardboard boxes made as bags or other jars, It is mainly focused on getting it protects the article in an effective manner to external factors like light, dust or moisture, among others. This is a component that is completely natural and has a high degree of adaptability to products.
  • He plastic packaging, meanwhile, offers protection against possible damage to the product while the trip is made, The reason why it is widely used in Handling and packaging, at the same time shipping costs thanks to a light and which can be reused materials are reduced.
  • He Wooden packaging It is the best choice for all those products that require special protection, either because they are fragile or because they are heavy.

Likewise, depending on the role packaging can play you can find many different packages, as they are: containers, pallets, bags, big bags, Polyethylene Foam, bladders, bubble wrap, moldable foam, bladders, molded foam, angular silhouettes, modular boxes or corrugated.

It is important that you consider that often do not opt ​​for appropriate packaging, what it makes this a clear risk to the goods, which can be damaged during transport, which can lead to complaints and claims by customers, which will make a lot more money on returns and other issues of what actually would be used with is spent performing Handling and packaging suitable.

A lack of foresight is a big problem for many companies, that do not adopt appropriate measures with regard to the transport packaging, making subsequently may have some problems when getting shipments in perfect condition to all its customers.

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