Handling orders Barcelonahandling orders: The key in any store

The handling orders it is a fundamental section in any store, It is key transport and logistics orders. In fact, different studies conducted by specialists say about the 65% of the total costs of the warehouse they are directly related to the preparation of orders.

For this reason companies are responsible for the preparation of orders, which they are the vast majority of shops, both physical and online, They must take into account a number of aspects that are key to optimize performance and improve their results while achieving the saving on costs.

The handling orders it is a necessity that has grown over the years and is becoming increasingly important given the large number of references that are present in the catalogs of the vast majority of companies, and by reducing stocks and transporting smaller shipments, largely these changes motivated by the boom being experienced in the world of e-commerce.

Considerations handling orders

The best way to respond effectively deal with customer orders is to meet the needs of each business and the way in which it will respond to them through design store.

In this sense it is very important to try to take advantage of the maximum space that is available within the warehouse, trying to reduce investment in the ground as possible and looking that there is room enough for both people and the machinery can move easily through the halls.

Proper organization of the warehouse plays a key role towards achieving a handling orders effective and appropriate. In this regard it is also important to consider the different types of shelving that there, whose choice will depend on different factors, especially by the dimensions of the warehouse itself and the number of references that are handled. There also take into account the storage units (boxes, pallets or single units), picking unit and the number of lines and orders that have. In this way there are different variables that must be present facing a correct choice of organizational form.

In any store you should bet for trying to rationalize the space that employees have to travel while they carried out their trabajaos of handling orders, seeking to optimize travel routes to be employees of the store to go by accessing the different products that can form an order, something that is key to saving time and making the whole process enjoy greater productivity, which it is essential for good work of any company.

The advice in this regard is that the staff of the store start at the location that is closer to the starting of the operators, avoiding having to backtrack and always end up the nearest zone to the output of goods. That is to say, you must create routes for the collection of products that make up an order so that the operator does not have to re-back at any time, If you can not follow a path previously established and followed with which to move forward collecting all the items that comprise.

For this reason it is so important that there is proper organization of the warehouse, It is highly recommended that the entire process be controlled with computers that allow the creation of routes in seconds, allowing access to all locations of products in a much faster.

However, to be truly effective this method will be key previously has made a good classification of products and each of them is in the place that has been specially set for it. The organization of the different product groups will set depending on the preferences of each company, and primarily they are based on the number of sales of each of them and demand that have products.

Cost savings

When carrying out the handling orders There are different ways in which you can save costs, such as the location of the goods in the warehouse, placement of surplus once it has carried out an order, the process of processing an order, work or labeling packaging, weighing, the measurement, etc.

To be more efficient in all processes that are part of the preparation of an order must try to make a measurement of the time spent on each, so that so they can meet those aspects in which more time is employed which should really be necessary. Often this lack of optimization time employee is not given by mistakes that are being committed, but because there is a lack of resources that do not allow great optimization.

Knowing the needs and the ways that save time, and therefore money, in the handling orders, you'll have to make decisions that help improve your company in this area that is critical for customers to receive their orders in the shortest time possible, without errors and in the best conditions. All this leads to greater satisfaction by users.

A margin of the above, Note that it is very important to have maximum accuracy in order picking, That is to say, that warehouse operators always receive accurate information about the products, so that no mistakes when choosing certain references and can always know the configuration of different pallets, boxes, packs ... so as not to waste time or make mistakes in the process.

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