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The mechanism surrounding a messaging service seems simple, It is consisting only in the preparation of the package in question, contact transport agency, provide the destination address and wait for delivery is made of the same. Nevertheless, sometimes it is not as simple as that and involves much more, especially in services Express delivery, that sometimes are not so.

The Express delivery They can often be a great option that meet the needs of all those customers who want to enjoy your home quickly products have acquired, mainly through e-commerce.

Nevertheless, It is not enough to just choose any shipping company and make, If not you need to check the quality of the service to find out if indeed a company you are trusting your shipments is really competent and carries out its work under the conditions expected, must take into account the speed, compliance with the deadlines established and the relationship of these with respect to the price of shipping.

Sometimes advertised as Express delivery are not so, as there are companies that do not meet expectations.

Some of the most common problems:

  • No tracking: Although it is not usual in this type of service, Some companies do not provide the tracking number of the order, what a great inconvenience both for who sends the order, You do not know if you have already reached their final destination and the customer itself, he does not know where is your package or when you get exactly, creating an uncertainty at all well appreciated by users.
  • Delivery delays: This is one of the major problems of some services advertised as Express delivery, and it is sometimes not met as promised with respect to deadlines, making are not delivered on the day it is established, something that sometimes is determined not by a failure in the final delivery, but because the collection of the package is not on the schedule set. This can cause great frustration on customers, especially for those who expect a product so urgent.
  • no contact: Another problem associated with some of the transportation agencies is the lack of response in certain situations, sometimes it is difficult to contact the agency when needed, either not responding or because it resorts to the use of automated processes that do not offer the expected solution.
  • They are not satisfied with collection times: Sometimes not meet the agreed pickup times, what just causing the logistics process is not optimized and, many times, It is not possible to meet certain delivery deadlines.

Despite these problems, that they do not occur in all cases and in all transport agencies, a Express delivery It is always advisable to make the shipment of any product, considering that because they have managed to dramatically reduce delivery times, making less than 24 hours can send any packets from one point to another of the country and even abroad many points.

This great flexibility and scope is necessary before the rise and proliferation of e-commerce stores, which thanks to this type of services Express delivery They are able to provide efficient service to users, that every time are more likely to make purchases from anywhere, anytime, with so only use your mobile device and all additional advantages of the use e-commerce over traditional sales.

Hiring an express delivery service

If you are an individual or a professional who is starting its activity in e-commerce it is likely that initially can not access substantial discounts on rates Express delivery, although there are certain platforms that compare between different options and will provide solutions at a very affordable cost.

Nevertheless, as your business grows or if you already have a high volume of orders and shipments, You will be able to negotiate with any supplier to the price of your shipments, so that you can reach important discounts, with the advantage that it will when you minimize the costs of logistics shipping products to your customers.

At present there are numerous agencies transport services Express delivery, each of them with its own particularities and services, there some of them even have several rates that offer the ability to deliver products on the same day shipping for certain localities, which it offers great flexibility and ability to provide service to customers utmost urgency that require.

He Express delivery It is a service that takes many years being on the market, while, over the years and the different technological innovations, mainly related to the world of online sales, It has been updated to offer every time faster services to more competitive rates, which means that there is great competition in the sector, a competition that favors the client and the stores themselves, they have more options available and higher quality.

In any case, if you are looking for a transport company to carry out your shipment is very important that values ​​all conditions surrounding, as well as the ratings that you have to respect and, in case you have a shop, it is advisable that do not just work with one of them and you offer more than one option to your customers, so that they can choose.

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