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When carrying out the handling shipments and pre-packaging process them must take into account a number of aspects that are essential to make the product or item you want to send the recipient to reach the best possible conditions. Since it is very important to always come without any problem, then, I will explain, through some very practical advice, How you can pack your shipment in a simple way, but the effective time.

The advice you will indicate are useful for both those who try to do effects personally and for those who have some kind of business that seeks to satisfy its customers by offering the best service at the time that they receive at home the products that have previously purchased.

All merchandise must be properly packaged, must always choose a package that is appropriate to prevent can jeopardize the integrity of the goods, at the same time to avoid the existence of a handling shipments by outsiders that has not closed the package appropriately.

Handling shipments: How to pack

then, we proceed to enumerate the various tips you should keep in mind to pack your shipment in an effective and simple way.

As regards packaging we can distinguish between two sections, the outer packaging and the inner packaging.

outer packaging

Packaging or outer packaging is that part of the package that is visible from the outside of the same, ie the box it will send. The most common and most advisable is to opt for a rigid carton, must ensure that no type of defect or deterioration and have enough space for items that go inside can be transported without risk of breakable power to place some type of material that serves as a buffer.

As regards the outer carton in handling shipments it is advisable to take into account the following considerations:

  • You must always choose a box that is appropriate for the transport of products, must employ a rigid cardboard box and trying to avoid using plastic boxes. If you do a little and you choose shipping envelopes, looking someone who is of a rigid cardboard or an envelope is padded.
  • When sealing the boxes it is important to use adhesive tape on all sides of the box to prevent the contents from falling down thereof. You should choose a tape with sufficient thickness to withstand the movement of the package that is inside.
  • On the outer packaging you can not miss the label data on the recipient's address and your contact, and the information of the sender. This is of great importance to avoid losses or if the package is retained in customs in an international shipment. This label is advisable placed at the center of the housing and is securely attached using adhesive tape.
  • In the event that the product you're submitting is fragile or delicate it is best to opt for placing notes on the handling shipments, or arrows indicating "Fragile" label for those who leave him to handle during transportation can pay more attention and care, something that is essential for those cases where the content is sent high value.

inner packaging

For its part the inner packaging is internal protection to be performed in the package, It is very important as it should be designed to cope with possible falls and the movement of the box, must protect at all times to merchandise shipped.

In regard to this type of inner packaging in shipments must be, mainly, two aspects into account, which they are as follows:

  • You should try to find a package appropriate for the type of product that will be sent, because in this way it will be better to the achievement of shipment, making it much safer to reach the destination in the best possible conditions. It is very important to consider the type of product in order to try to seek protection and proper packaging for the same.
  • The damping material is critical since they are an essential part to ensure that the product will reach its destination in optimal conditions without any problem, occurs without deterioration or breakage, something that is fundamental to all products that are of high value or simply be fragile. In this respect it is advisable to opt for the use of materials such as foam, bubble foil or wrapping paper.
  • In the event that is to be made sending fluids is very important to place inside the package separators.
  • You must try to avoid it for gaps in the inside of the package, must fill the same with some material light as paper, so reducing the chances will be that the product moves while carrying out the transport.

Thus it is very important that you consider all these points mentioned when carrying out the handling shipments , so that each product is shipped under the best possible conditions, with maximum safety for the item to go inside and thus reducing the chances that may come to some kind of problem during transport or handling by all workers and carriers before it reaches the box to your final destination. This way you will achieve greater satisfaction from the end customer who receives at home.

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