How to prepare the shipment ordersHow to prepare the shipment orders

Each company can have its own procedures for the preparation of the shipping orders, but there are a number of steps that are basic and common to follow to get to respond effectively to the needs and demands of customers. Efficiency is key to providing the best service, must try to shorten as much as possible delivery times and offering maximum safety order, passing all for maximum efficiency in the logistics process orders.

The preparation process orders is done once all processes have taken place reception, handling and location, must carry out each paying close attention to all aspects, so you can always achieve maximum efficiency.

In a first step it is very important that before the shipping orders is carried out a classification of the same based on the type of product concerned which, as well as the delivery date for the same, its size, the fate of the order, the urgency with which it must be delivered and also paying attention to the different special information that may have been made to the client regarding delivery.

Depending on the capacity of the company has technologically, as well as the number of people and dedicated them to the process shipping orders will determine the next steps, although then you will explain the usual steps of a company standard for the preparation of an order.

Steps for preparing shipping orders

As noted these steps may differ from those you will indicate below, while, generally is the way in which many companies act and you can serve as guidance, especially if you're just starting out or have in mind starting a business that involves the need to carry out a logistics process for shipping orders your customers, Whether you're a small shop with a low number of items as if you already have a large volume of them and must meet the needs of many customers.

Definitely, If further delay, we will emphasize the steps you need to follow a logistical process prior to the shipping orders:

  1. First, you receive the order from your customers through the media that have already been agreed with the customer, as it can be by e-mail, a fax machine or a digital file, or directly from your online store if had plenty.
  2. then, upon receipt of the order in question must take care computer orders using a computer system of the company, at the same time you have to prepare documents that are related to the order based on the criteria of your customers and the conditions of shipments, so try to reduce as far as possible the documents to be completed and included in the order.
  3. For the previous step is very important to use delivery notes Picking in units, just so that you make use of a shipping document, making are also grouped. In this way, a client only receive a document in which all orders that may have to be shown simultaneously, something really useful in the event that, for example, the customer has made different orders and will proceed to sending them all at once.
  4. Having done the above and the waybill is duly completed and with all detailed orders properly is the time of your order and deliver delivery notes available to staff the store. This will be in charge of carrying out the preparation of the shipment, for which take into account the different criteria that have been established for the same, such as the urgency, the volume of the order, availability for pickup or delivery schedule or priority, among others. Each client company and could set criteria based on their preferences or services you want to offer your customers.
  5. Later it will come when allocating the physical condition of the package or product according to the criteria that have been agreed to prior with the client. Once you have done the Picking it must access the computer system of the company and seek the client document, then proceeding, through appropriate means, to identify the product, units and other features.
  6. Then we will have to verify the information received and continue the process, thus trying to minimize errors in the preparation prior to the shipping orders, and acting appropriately in the event that there is some kind of problem or error.
  7. Finally print the packing slip that will go to the customer and will print shipping labels, for facilitating and accelerating the process of sending the order.

After performing all these steps comes the moment of packaging product, which will take place depending on the products that are to be sent, it should meet both its size and its weight or fragility, among others, to choose the most appropriate packaging, and the various protection elements.

Once perfectly packed is the time of shipment of the package, will be the final step in making the shipping orders to the clients, they should receive at home or the desired address a package that is always in perfect conditions.

In fact, This is critical to achieving total customer satisfaction, because if you receive a package that is full of bumps or other deficiencies can cause even get to lose that customer. Hence the importance of using good packaging.

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