Making proper shipping boxesMaking proper shipping boxes

Assuming that a good shopping experience of a customer is critical in the process of selling online shop, It has an utmost importance to make a shipping boxes suitable, which it involves much more than simply getting the order to the customer at the time set.

On many occasions he is not paid much attention to this aspect, which it is a clear error, because many times a shopping experience is clearly seen damaged by errors in the delivery of the order, mainly because the product found inside the package arrives damaged, what it makes the customer, You excited receiving your order, encounter that which is broken asked. In this sense, which is held by the company selling the product is trying to optimize the way in protecting your shipments.

Choose a suitable transport packaging

For this reason it is very important that the shipping boxes is performed considering that the packaging is suitable for each particular product, considering that not all products have the same features and are equally fragile, so we must address both the fragility and to size, the weight or shape of the same.

If you're going to make a shipping boxes it is important that you consider a number of basic considerations which I will talk in detail throughout this article. Some of them are as follows:

  • Use should be made of corrugated cardboard or corrugated to be of high quality for orders.
  • In the event that you are sending an order that is of a high weight or fragile you need to opt for corrugated cardboard double or triple type.
  • With the clear objective of the shipping boxes it is done safely and that the effect of the shock is minimized during transport must choose an appropriate size for the order. A very small box can break easily and very large can cause the product is moving steadily during transport, so that makes it much more likely to end up damaging.

Given the above it is essential to choose a size for the boxes depending on the shape of the product, Whereas if you have an irregular shape better to opt for a larger size.

Likewise, it is important to avoid the use of old boxes, as these, although apparently they can find in a good condition, the reality is that may not protect in an efficient way and have lost much of their rigidity, with the risk that this will lead to products that houses inside, especially if they are fragile.

Also you should check the specifications of the box to see if it is an appropriate type of packaging to support the weight of the shipment going to make.

Shipping packaging

A Making a shipping boxes laden products, while taking into account the choice of packaging to avoid making a mistake when opting for one or the other, there are certain actions you can take to protect the material found inside effectively.

To do this we recommend:

  • Do not let there empty spaces inside the box, since in this way get the possibility that the product can move inside the box is reduced, thereby reducing damage may occur also. In this respect it is advisable to make use of a material that is suitable for this, such as paper, polystyrene or air cushions, among others.
  • When placing different products or items inside the box is advisable to let the less a distance of about 6 centimeters between the product and the walls of the box, so that they can be better protected in the event that shocks occur during transport and handling.
  • In the e shipping boxes we must bear in mind that it is important that products are protected with a material that is resistant to shock, especially when it comes to items that are very fragile. In the latter case it will be preferable to opt for the separation of cardboard or other material that may be suitable for this.
  • Note choose the tape to seal the packaging, as this will affect the state in which it can deliver the order. This aspect must be taken into account both the tape type chosen as the method of attachment. It is advisable to opt for an adhesive tape PVC or polypropylene, must avoid paper as can be undone with ease. In the event inside the box goes a fragile product, please indicate the relevant labels. For sealing must use the "Method H", It is consisting of applying a strip of tape at the junction of the box and two strips at the edges, It is the safest method for transporting.
  • In conclusion you must place the label with information concerning the shipment at the top of the box. This must be set so that it is always perfectly visible so that the carrier can read smoothly.

Given all of the above you can make a shipping boxes more appropriate. As you have seen everything that can be based on protecting the proper fashion products through packaging and extra features you can use for protection, and in the right choice of the box depending on the characteristics of the elements to be transported inside.

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