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Many people do not understand how that works a Service imports, which it is essential to know what is the import and how to do it, so in this article we will try to clarify any doubts you may have to respect.

First, the importation of goods is the introduction into a country of goods coming from another or from another territory. In the case of goods coming from another country of the European Union it is not considered to be an import, but it is a Community acquisition of goods. In this sense should know that to import from third countries do not need to be a professional, if not you can perform an import anyone.

In this regard it is important to know that any importance has different risks must be known and try to avoid.

For any company wishing to carry out import products from other countries is important that you use a supplier (the various) to be responsible for developing a Service imports, must always choose to trust a reliable provider that.

This is not always easy, so it is important to build on the assessment and opinions of other users, as well as other references that may be obtained. It is very important communication with the provider to know if you can trust. Once all the following conditions can begin the process of starting to import products from another country, an activity very common since many products sold in Spain are manufactured in other countries, especially in Asian countries and others in which labor and the products themselves are cheaper.

Import operation

When a company has the demand for a product or service that does not occur in the same country or is better conditions in another that uses purchase in other countries, and later transported to the home country. In this sense an imbalance can occur commercially when there are more imports than exports.

When a company is clear about its products provider begins the process of buying imports. Depending on the type of product which concerned, as well as the country of origin may be more or less complicated and fast trading.

It is advisable to request samples you can reach through a Service imports, so you can know if such products or materials you really are interested in purchasing.

Once you've seen the signs and you have decided on a supplier, establishing the corresponding trade agreement, You will need to start delving into the import process itself, for which it is necessary to have a series of documents, which they are as follows:

  • Commercial invoice: It is the invoice issued by the supplier, in which your data should appear at the address and company name, as well as those of the supplier itself. The description should also appear Merchandise, price and terms of sale.
  • Packing List: This document describes the provider must perform a precise and clear list in which it appears the entire contents of the shipment, proceeding to the identification of the various packages that make up, unit and total weight, measures of each of the packages, etc.
  • Bill of Lading (BL)(Bill of landing): This document must be issued by the originating carrier in the country of origin of the products and then delivered to your provider's Service imports. To you you will come from your provider when you've paid, a document with which the delivery will be made of the goods.
  • Certificate of origin: If the goods are subject to a tariff levy but may avails itself of one type of benefit it must be an official document certifying the origin.
  • Other documents: There are other types of documents and certificates which may be required and will depend on the type of product that is to be imported, since it is not the same if it comes to clothes if they are food, cosmetics, etc.

How to choose a service imports

To choose a company that offers a Service imports appropriate to keep in mind the following:

  • Size: It is important to assess whether a multinational company that offers greater confidence or small is preferred offering more personalized treatment. However, You can also choose an intermediate option.
  • Countries where present: It is important to assess the countries in which the company operates, so that is looking for a Service imports having seat at the place of origin, since this way you will know better how to proceed in each case.
  • Service: Service is important, considering that those companies that can be classified as medium size usually give better service than the big multinationals or those who have a smaller size and capacity.
  • Price: Price is one of the simplest ways to buy, and you can see how much each company charges you to carry out the same transport import. In this sense you are sure that detailed all costs and no surprises when making payment of service.
  • Specialization: Depending on the type of merchandise you go to import will be necessary to opt for a transport company that is specialized in it or not. If it is a company specializing in one type of product (the various) in particular, surely you know how to carry out handling and even will have appropriate resources and that these are kept in perfect condition all the way vehicles, something that is fundamental because often the packages must make thousands of kilometers to reach their destination.

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