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Regardless if you have a store ecommerce small as if it is a store with high sales flow it is essential to choose a service courier shipping that is appropriate and can respond appropriately to the proper functioning of the e-commerce.

If you have not started your adventure in e-commerce but you intend to do you should know that it is so important to choose a good courier like having professional knowledge at your side for the preparation of orders or for the smooth running of the company.

Services required for sending messaging eCommerce

To get the most efficient in selling e-commerce and make customers satisfied can always find, You must pay particular attention to the following aspects:

  • Courier shipping company: You must be able to calculate shipping costs depending on the different characteristics of the packet to send, such as dimensions, His weight, the fragility of the package ..., must choose a company to carry out shipments and deliveries through a corresponding network of vehicles or couriers.
  • Software tools: Thanks to them you can carry out the processing of orders, besides sending confirmation emails, creating labels or sending notifications to customers regarding the shipment of your order in an automatic way.
  • external management: You can opt for a company that has a warehouse or ship, in your name, is responsible for managing shipments, and returns that may occur in an order and customer communication. However, you can also have your own store and equipment.
  • Collection points: It is advisable that you achieve reach agreements with shops and establishments to act as collection points, something very advisable if you have a shop that is only online and do not have physical stores. This way you can save on costs courier shipping.

How should I choose shipping courier?

Factors to assess when hiring a company for courier shipping the following must be taken into account:

The weight of the product

In many agencies the price of the courier shipping directly it depends on the dimensions of the package and its weight. This way if used to ship products that have a low weight you can find services that offer flat rates for e-commerce, They may use national courier service, but if you opt for the sale of products that have greater weight it will always be preferable to opt for a private provider.

In this sense also you should have special attention with regard to insurance shipments. In some companies courier shipping It is included by default insurance on products and goods that are shipped with them, while other companies need this service and pay separately.

You need to assess whether this insurance for your company or not, although if you encargues sale of delicate products or high value it will always be preferable to opt for it to make sure the products arrive in the best possible conditions to your customers and that, in the event of any accident or problem occurs, the goods will be properly protected.

Calculation of shipping costs

Calculating expenses courier shipping They are determined by different criteria, which are those that generally will make the cost of sending a packet larger or smaller.

In this sense the most common criteria for a company you can indicate the price of shipping based on the size of the package, the weight of the package, the country of origin, the country of destination and insurance, if you included. Likewise, in some cases, although it is not usual, also it charged for facilitating the tracking number.

Based on these criteria it could be found the corresponding amount to the shipping.

For international shipments it is important to know that you must attach a number of specific documents, especially if you're going to make the shipment outside the European Union. In that case you should properly inform you of the rules to respect each country.

Packaging and Packing

To choose the courier shipping more appropriate mainly you will meet the costs have to send a proper place to another and the various insurance coverages or these companies you can offer, While there are other aspects that are important for you to send your packages safely, as in the case of packaging, an aspect in which you must repair largely not overpay when carrying out your package shipments.

It is important to try to adjust the packaging and packages to the type of product you're submitting, especially it is affecting the weight and size of the shipment and therefore, you will be paying more money if you choose to choose a box too large for a product.

Thus, always tries to find a package that is suitable for the dimensions of the goods that you are transporting, It is also very advisable to opt for a package that is made of material that is recycled and recyclable, plus it is easy to open for the final consumer, something you appreciate your client.

Well you know that you have the possibility of opting for designs in which the logo of your ecommerce store or any other details of originality to your box and make it appear to differentiate from your competition, something that will have a positive impact on your customers, which also you will be an advantage in terms of marketing and promotion, something also important to assess.

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