How to choose the perfect packagingHow to choose the perfect packaging

When making any shipment of a product must take into account the packaging which they are used for transportation of different objects and goods, for which we must take into account different aspects, which we will list over the next few lines.

Evaluation of merchandise

First, in order to make packaging perfect is very important to consider the type of goods with which they are to be used, always trying to find one that best suits the characteristics of the products to be transported, either cardboard, paper, wood…

For this reason it is important to take into account different aspects such as weight, its size, their level of fragility, the means to be used to carry out transport, etc, That is to say, all characteristics that may result in the choice of material or otherwise to perform the packaging of each product.

In this way, a product that is fragile or has a high value must have extra protection, as well as those items that may have some special features such as liquids or cosmetics, that make it necessary to make certain packaging and special packaging to prevent spills that may occur, besides contributing to no product damage during transport.

Make proper packaging

If you're the seller of a product you know you have to be responsible for carrying out proper packaging of goods, so that packaging used in all products that commercialises are appropriate and reach their final destination in optimum conditions, without any damage.

In this sense marketers have basically two options. On the one hand, to protect basic form the product and hope that there is no damage in shipping for increased profits or protect the product carefully to ensure that protection is superior and ensure the item will be shipped without occurring no harm, resulting in less profit, but other benefits.

It is advisable to always choose a suitable packaging, because in this way the customer will be reduced claims, Returns, bad reviews, etc.

Other points to consider are the following:

  • The packaging They must always be perfectly closed.
  • You can use cork balls, foam, airbags, so for added protection products.
  • Should choose an adhesive tape appropriate, choosing from acrylic seal, solvent, or PVC depending on the needs. The first is indicated for boxes up 20 kg, the second to 40 Kg and the last for any cash, although its cost is higher than other options.
  • It is important placing labels in places that are more visible box, and preferably they are two in case there is some problem with one of the tags. Thus there will be greater protection against the possible loss of the package.

Seal packaging

When trying to get packaging perfect for transportation is important to make of it a good seal, to which is recommended to use an adhesive tape having a width of 48 mm as minimum, a tape that can be made of vinyl, polypropylene or glass reinforced paper, because they are the best options for offering high strength and durability.

It is preferable not to use tapes that are manufactured from materials that do not offer sufficient strength and durability, such as the case of cellophane tape or string.

Likewise, out is advisable to carry goods sealing using Method H, It is consisting close all the upper sides and the central part of the box in order to reinforce the inner part and also the center of the package, thus achieving a much safer transport.

Tags for package

Another point to consider when carrying out the packaging perfect is important to consider the package labeling, because in this way the carrier will always know where to take it and will avoid misplacing you can be reached during the expedition that will take you from the company of origin to the final customer.

Likewise, the labeling used in differentiating products that have special characteristics, such as those who are frail, because through labels it may indicate that they are well, In addition to making different directions to avoid damage when handling by different workers who will have contact with the packages.

Labels for the package is important to be placed on top of the package and are fully visible.

Considerations to take into account

To end, when making packaging For your shipments must make all of them are covered by insurance, so that they are adequately protected in the event of any damage or malfunction occurs during shipment, although we must be aware that in most cases included compulsory insurance does not cover the total price of a product that is transported.

For this reason, if it is a product of high value, it is advisable to choose to add additional insurance, so you can be completely sure that if something happens to that package will recover the amount to return to send to the client so that you assume no losses or these are the least possible.

All this is important in regard to packaging and handling by workers.

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