Save the maximum to making an international shipmentSave the maximum to making an international shipment

If you are a company or an individual who needs to make a international delivery sporadically, That is to say, sending a packet to a country outside Spain, you're likely to find yourself with a cost too high in your rates.

Similarly, the if the country is not outside the European Union will encounter some steps that can become really complicated, so it is important that you consider a number of points which are key so you can carry out the transportation of your goods at the lowest possible cost, something to consider, especially, If you are going to have to go through Customs, where the price can shoot.

Bear in mind that each country has its own rules and its own processes, and owing meet a series of requirements that depend both dimensions as the weight or the type of product concerned. With regard to the final price of a international delivery It depends on many factors, among which is the sending mode, as well as the means of transport used for this purpose and also guarantees that want to protect the package in question.

Based on these conditions is determined that there is money to pay for performing said sending, as well as expenses related to the time spent in transporting the goods, especially if you do not prepare in advance enough. For this reason, to do a international delivery It is always advisable to seek the best alternatives, that they are truly effective and help to get in all cases the best results.

How to find transport for international shipping?

If you are a person who will resort to continuously transfer option will be easy to reach agreements with transport companies, something that does not happen in the event that opt ​​for carrying out a international delivery punctual, when you will be more difficult to reduce the final price of transport, as regularly apply a general rate, which, Thus, It will be more expensive.

In order to solve this problem in a international delivery you may have to perform, If you want to save in it it is advisable to opt for platforms that have tools comparator shipments. Thanks to these savings can be achieved when carrying out this type of packet transport, which is that these work with a large volume of shipments and have a greater ability to negotiate with courier companies, which in the end translates into better prices for you.

Today is very easy to find this type of search engine shipping, as they have proliferated over recent years, Its great advantage being that for each shipment offer very competitive prices. This is because, as we say, they have ability to negotiate with the various transport companies and thus access to substantial discounts. This way they can make available to users a cheaper rates.

In this type of platform you can find discounts in some cases may even be the 70% at international delivery.

Tips for an international shipment

If the country of destination package for the international delivery is within the European Union should know that the procedures to be performed are simple and do not have to consider many things beyond what you have to keep in mind if you make a shipment within the national territory. Nevertheless, in case the shipment will aimed at countries outside the European Union, must go through Customs and for this reason will be to carry out a series of procedures and also provide a specific documentation.

To save time when making one of these shipments is important that you consider the following aspects:

  • You must do first so-called "Packing List", a list which should detail each of the items included in the package sent, this being a compulsory procedure and that he should prepare special attention, It is necessary to provide documents with the goods.
  • The preparation of the international delivery It is a key aspect, because they must take care of all aspects surrounding the package, from the weight calculation to the dimensions of the package, because depending on these two aspects the final price of the shipment will vary. In this regard it is advised to try to reduce the maximum size and weight of the same, so that this may save a considerable amount of money.
  • On the other hand, It is important to pay attention to the embajale. It is essential that all items are properly protected against shocks, for which they must be properly packed, marked and protected with a buffer that is appropriate and that some kind of reinforcement material is included to prevent over all the way these items can be damaged. This will prevent you can get to break or damage.
  • Please note that can not send any type of product in international delivery, since there are a number of restrictions on respect. for example, Bear in mind that there are certain products and goods that are not allowed to send, so in the event that send anyway, your package will travel without insurance coverage, with the risk that this entails in the event that it is lost or misplaced. Among the prohibited items for shipping is alcohol, perfume or batteries, and compressed gases, flammable liquids, artworks…, all of which are objects that must be transported through other means of transport specialized in it.

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