rent warehouse: Tips for leaserent warehouse: Tips for lease

When a company decides to carry out starting a business and requires the provision of a new space to store your products or items necessary to carry out the rent warehouse, for which it is necessary to agree the terms of the lease of the same so you can get an agreement that is beneficial for you and also for your business.

In the current Urban Lease Act establishes, with respect to leases a local or official, states that, the contracts to be used differently from that of a housing, They fall primarily by the will of both sides, making can reach to many different contracts.

For this reason, along the following lines I will explain a number of tips you should follow to carry out an appropriately effective negotiation of a lease for your store, which it is applicable for any other local or office.

Search store

First, It is very important that you make an effective search for a store that should go to real estate portals for prices of the market, so you can have a clear advance guidance to the rent warehouse as it regards the economic aspects of the contract, such as the amount of income or expenses charged, among others.

In case you have doubts you can always seek professional advice, for which you can request the services of a real estate consultant who knows the industry and can help you get a store with the best economic conditions and responsive to the needs of the market.

Keep in mind, in economic terms, the costs are passed on to be taken into account in the rent warehouse for the tenant, such as surveillance, cleaning or maintenance, among others, and which they shall be established in the lease. It is advisable that an expenditure ceiling is set at the time of establishing the lease so that this is not an excessive financial burden for who will make use of the warehouse.

Check if local allows you to perform your activity

Another key aspects to carry out the lease of a warehouse is whether that location in particular can be used for the activity to be carried out and if licensed, This is essential when opening a shop, as there are many activities that can be developed at a local. To find out if a building can be used for the desired activity is important to carry out a series of actions:

  • Request information from the City: Going to the City of the town will know if you can get license to develop the activity that really interests you. This way you can know whether the property to be leased is suitable for the activity that will develop and if you can get the appropriate license.
  • Certification of the statutes of the community: It is important to ask the Land Registry corresponding to the place where you will place the store a simple note or certification of the statutes of the community if he had, so you can know whether it is suitable for the development of the activity.
  • Consult a specialist: It is important to go to a technician who can check the premises complies with all technical requirements needed to develop the desired activity. This is critical in the rent warehouse.

Check the owner

Another point to consider is the need to ensure that the owner of the property is actually who claims to be, In addition to reviewing all the characteristics relating to the local. If there is more than one owner, they must all sign the corresponding contract.

Trading income and duration of the contract

Income is one of the most important aspects of economic level in every contract for rent warehouse, must be aware that it is possible to carry out the negotiation of a fixed income with equity as a benefit to have the tenant, although it is also possible to opt for what is called staggered rent, in which the amount will vary according progresses the duration of the contract, so the amount changes annually.

It is necessary in this regard to establish the duration of the contract rent warehouse. For this, the landlord and tenant must take care to set the duration that both deem appropriate. Usually it sets a duration to be compulsorily fulfilled by the tenant.

Evaluate the works

out another important aspects when carrying a lease from a local or warehouse is anything that has to do with the works, as is customary when rent warehouse or any premises necessary to carry out a certain works that can adapt the property to the activity will be performed.

The contract must clearly be indicated works to be performed, for which it is necessary to resort to a technician to prepare a report of the works, making this report be attached to the contract. In the event that required a change in the configuration of the property they will also have to attach drawings and photos to the contract.


One of the last points to consider in the leases of the premises is typically agree that two types of guarantees, the legal bond (It is established by the Law of Urban Leases) and to pacta the tenant and the owner and can be of different types as a security deposit, bank a guarantee or a letter of sponsorship.

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