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12IPV LOGISTICS - Logistics company in Barcelona

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Logistics, storage, packing and shipping with added value

We are a logistics company with value-added services. We manage materials inventory and stock, we manage returns and update reports, enabling you to keep everything under control without having to spend time, space and resources. What we bring: Comprehensive logistics service passing through the storage of goods, handling, packing and shipping. Saving valuable time in taking care of all the logistics. Shipping is controlled throughout the journey. The product always has the right packaging. We take care to manage potential logistical problems. We avoid the complex management fees providers
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Our logistics services ADAPT TO YOUR COMPANY


We offer the best solutions to store, manipulate, send and packing.

sporadic shipments or national newspapers

Manage shipments to all Spain, Whether you need to send a packet sporadically, as if your shipments are frequent and structured. Depending on the needs and times, We choose the courier that best meets your needs.

International deliveries

We manage shipments throughout Europe, They are countries of the European Community or not. Document Shipments, envelopes, packages, it handles everything from shipment to delivery, including the management of customs documentation. You can also send your documents, objects and using certified packaging and export regulations respecting products and imports, to all the world.

Product handling and packaging

In our center specialized staff packaging and carefully pack your items to arrive at their destination intact. We can also perform manipulations prior to packaging (as for example ironing clothes, etc.)

Shipping service online

We have a web service guided to register your shipment without scrolling. You can also perform on-line monitoring of the entire shipping process.

Shipping luggage

With luggage delivery service on arrival we deliver your bags and luggage. Enjoy your holiday from the first moment and without carrying your bags. Journey quiet and comfortable!

Sending delicate musical instruments and materials

In our center you can send your musical instruments: guitar, fiddle, low, trumpet, any instrument can be packed professionally and make shipping nationwide or worldwide quickly and safely. We also have a special delivery service wine bottles easily and safely.

Goods Import Service

We offer a service that allows you to import into the national territory of products and raw materials from foreign countries, European and non-European. Your company can stock up on materials from foreign suppliers with the same simplicity it is for national, without worrying about the customs and other complex arrangements.

Storage for eCommerce

We can offer a complete and flexible service that goes beyond the simple delivery, managing so many other operational matters such as collection, storage, professional packaging and management of the necessary documentation for shipping. Materials inventory in stock, returns management and update reports, They allow keep everything under control without having to spend time, space and resources.

Insurance coverage shipments

Insurance solution for packaging, shipping and coverage against loss and damage.
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Logistics in Barcelona
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internal processes

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  • Picking
  • Inventory management
  • internal relocations
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Store and recover what you need, when you need, in our storage, without moving a finger whenever you want. dismantle, We are packing and reap what you tell us; we store, and bring you whatever you want whenever you want


Mail Boxes

We move where we indicate.
We wrap and pack your things and we took them.


Mail Boxes

We store your stuff safely and appropriately



Simpre is the refund you need them and where we indicate

urgent parcel delivery


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